Industry solutions

Pharmaceutical industry

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most innovative segments of economy in demand for cutting-edge research and production technology. At the same time, pharmaceuticals logistics is one of the most difficult areas of transport services requiring compliance with several mandatory conditions for delivery of products (temperature conditions; humidity, light, and even vibration restrictions).

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Oil and Gas

Transportation of equipment for production and processing of hydrocarbons is an integral part of the oil and gas industry. You cannot do without special vehicles on sites where you plan stationary or temporary installation of machines and mechanisms. For many years, we have been providing logistic services to companies engaged in hydrocarbons exploration and production both in the Russian Federation and abroad.


Spare Parts

Buying new equipment and putting it into operation is only a part of the story. Then, it must be regularly serviced and periodically repaired. If the equipment was imported from far abroad, purchasing all the necessary components and parts can be challenging, especially in case of transit through several countries.


Electronics and Technology

The life cycle of modern electronics, telecommunications, and know-how products is very short. Innovation companies offer new products to consumers before the devices we are using become obsolete. In this competition, winners are those who offer the most recent solutions at the most favorable prices.


Fashion Industry and Retail

The market of clothing, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods is one of the most competitive businesses. Wholesale companies and retailers work hard to reduce their costs in order to offer their clients the most favorable commercial terms. The retail business features a fast cash flow; therefore, it is important for the goods to be always available in the required amount in the right place and at the right time. These tasks cannot be solved without well-organized logistics.


Industrial Production

Industrial equipment is most often purchased to revamp the production facilities, to launch new process lines, to expand the range and volume of products. So, it can be difficult for businesses to take into account all the requirements for the equipment transportation, especially if the route passes through several countries with different legal requirements for transit.


Exhibition and Event logistics

Entertainment industry activities play a special role; therefore, exhibition and event logistics require particular expertise when preparing documents and transportation conditions due to the fact that the transported products can be fragile or manufactured in a single copy.


Chemical Industry

Transportation of chemical products is always difficult and often dangerous. It requires compliance with stringent transportation conditions and the use of special containers. Additional problems may arise with maintaining temperature and humidity conditions at all stages of transportation and storage. Trust your cargo to professionals only!


Oversized Equipment

Large-sized machinery used in construction and agriculture have its own specifics that require compliance with several requirements when arranging its transportation. Such machines are not designed for self-propelled entry to a railway platform or a ship deck; they are heavy, very expensive, and cannot be transported in parts. Delivery of large-sized equipment entails significant losses in case of its damage or loss, and such losses are estimated not only as the cost of the product itself, but also losses from failure to perform the work that should have been done using this machine.