Groupage Cargo

Providing groupage cargo transport services is one of the NOVELCO’s core activities.
NOVELCO’s customers do not waste time looking for delivery methods and for paperwork. Our Company will prepare a batch of goods that is best adapted to the best transportation method and deliver it to a convenient warehouse for unloading and receiving.

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International Delivery of Groupage Cargo around the World

Our specialists are in constant contact with regional agents and business partners for the commitments assumed to be fulfilled right on time and in full scope. Groupage cargoes are delivered without delays and extra paperwork.

Groupage cargo transportation is the most cost-effective way to deliver small batches of goods. We will perform a set of work to prepare a groupage consignment regardless of the means of transport. In any case, the dominant factor will be:

  • Economic benefits for the Customer;

  • Safety of cargo transportation;

  • Shortest delivery times.

Groupage Cargo
Groupage Cargo

NOVELCO offers the following range of services for groupage cargo transportation:

  • Delivery of cargo to the consolidation point from any, even the most remote region;

  • Preparing a batch that is maximally adapted to the most cost-effective and safest method of transportation;

  • Execution of all required documents;

  • Loading and unloading operations;

  • Warehousing and accounting;

  • Cross docking;

  • Sorting of goods in small batches and delivery to final consignees to different points in the destination region.