Oversized Cargo Transportation

Transportation of oversized cargo is associated with both technical and organizational difficulties. It requires the use of special equipment, the execution of additional documents, and their coordination with some authorities. Loading, unloading, and transportation of such goods requires the use special equipment and involvement of specialists in their installation and fastening to the vehicle.

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Oversized Cargo Transportation in Russia

Preparation for transportation of oversized cargo shall be started in advance. At the stage of developing design documents, the installation and fastening scheme on the vehicle must be studied in details and then agreed and approved by authorized experts. Transportation is carried out platform trailers with low ground clearance and the platform height of 0.5 to 1 m, as well as high-power tractors.

The transportation route shall be coordinated with the state authorities regulating road traffic. They decide on the need to use special equipment and escort the cargo with special patrol cars. A cargo is classified as oversized, if it exceeds at least one of the following parameters:

  • Length: 20 m;
  • Width: 2.5 m;
  • Height: 4 m;
  • Weight: 38 tons.

Oversized Cargo Transportation
Oversized Cargo Transportation
Oversized Cargo Transportation

NOVELCO will take over all actions related to transportation of an oversized cargo

We will arrange loading, transportation, and unloading of oversized cargo involving special technical means and specialists. In case of international shipment, we will take into account the legal specifics in the transit countries. We will issue insurance, provide an escort, and if necessary, render security services.

A wide agent network allows us to solve all the issues that arise along the way.

A personal manager assigned to the Customer will inform about the cargo status on demand.