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The comprehensiveness of the services provided is one of the NOVELCO’s main competitive advantages. Assistance in cargo insurance and certification is an integral part of our services.

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Cargo Insurance and Certification

Our specialists have the necessary expertise and experience to solve certification and insurance issues Insurance shall minimize all risks along the route. The cargo loss probability is due to the possible implementation of some adverse scenarios, including:

•    Natural disasters;
•    Actions of the governments of states through whose territory the route passes;
•    Public disorder;
•    Hostilities;
•    Terrorism.

Unfortunately, such situations are hard to predict and cannot be controlled. With insurance, after the implementation of a negative scenario resulting in damage to or loss of cargo, the owner is compensated for its value.

Additional Services
Additional Services
Additional Services

NOVELCO cooperates only with trusted insurance companies. We guarantee that your business will not incur losses even upon the implementation of the most pessimistic forecasts. Your assigned personal manager will warn you in advance about a possible insured event and notify you of the actions to take for your interests considered on a first-priority basis.

Our company cooperates with accredited companies for conformity confirmation to promptly resolve issues related to the product control and executing of the relevant documents in case of proven compliance by the manufacturer/importer with the legal requirements for this product.
Your benefit is a priority of our business.