Rail Transport Services

Cargo transportation by rail is a reliable and inexpensive way of delivering large amounts of goods in one batch. Undoubtedly, there is no alternative to railway transport in large-tonnage freight services on the mainland. The railway network connects most regions both in Russia and abroad. For many settlements and junction stations, the railway is a township-forming business.

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Expedient rail transport services in Russia and worldwide

NOVELCO has been providing railway freight transport services for many years now. Regardless of the nature of the cargo: standard or oversized, its timely delivery is the basis of our service. Entrust us with solving all issues related to document management and communications with customs and railway stations, and your cargo will not idle without moving for reasons such as “priority of other carriers”.

Our customer can find out at any time where the cargo is located, regardless of whether it is a box in a groupage cargo car, a pallet or a train. A personal manager not only constantly monitors the route and transit time, but also will make a forecast of the cargo arrival at the destination station at the Customer’s request. If necessary, we can provide for the goods packaging after unloading from the railway car and delivery to the destination by other means of transport.

Through cooperation with NOVELCO, you get undeniable benefits

  • Your cargo will be delivered right on time by rail throughout Europe, Asia, and Russia. We will arrange its handling and customs clearance;

  • Import, export, and transit in any convenient way. You can choose a container, an open or a closed car;

  • Uniform document management standards and high level of service, where IT solutions and the professionalism of each employee play a decisive role;

  • Full calculation of the tariff, allowing you to plan in advance and estimate the future costs;

  • A full package of transport and forwarding services – from executing documents and developing fastening schemes to loading and unloading operations and storage.