International Railway Transport Services

Rail transport is one of the most demanded methods of transporting goods worldwide.

Low cost, along with the possibility to transport large amounts of cargo over long distances, makes this type of transport very popular. Railway networks connect not only large cities and hubs of international cargo flows, but also remote regions.

NOVELCO is a leading company in international rail freight. We offer our Customers both a one-time delivery of goods and opening a permanent rail transport corridor, regardless of the consignment size.

International Rail Freight

NOVELCO provides a full range of services for the delivery of any cargo by rail, regardless of the countries of origin and destination – these are our Company’s capabilities. It doesn’t matter for us what kind of cargo should be delivered to the Customer; we will provide transportation in a container that meets the transport conditions in compliance with railway safety requirements in any country.

International Railway Transport Services
International Railway Transport Services
International Railway Transport Services

20 consolidation points and a wide agency network covering all continents allow us to address any issues of railway transportation, taking into account the national and legal specifics of the region:

·         International export and import operations;

·         International transit;

·         Integrating rail carriage into the transcontinental freight traffic;

·         Goods warehousing in any country;

·         Cargo insurance;

·         Executing of shipping and customs documents;

·         Compliance with administrative formalities, taking into account international requirements for rail transport.