Warehousing and Distribution

NOVELCO will perform the whole range of warehouse and distribution operations. You don’t have to deal with placing goods in a warehouse with their subsequent delivery to the end consumers. We have an extensive experience in the acceptance, storage, and distribution of cargo upon its delivery to a regional warehouse.

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Modern Standards of Transport and Warehouse Logistics

Management of all warehouse operations in any region both in Russia and abroad. 

At the stage of negotiating the conditions of freight forwarding services, our specialists will offer the Customer a warehouse service with further distribution and delivery of batches of goods to their final consumers, as comprehensiveness is a feature of our Company.

We carry out warehouse operations at any terminals, including the “A” class facilities equipped according to all modern standards.

Modern warehouse centers and facilities will ensure the high quality and on-time delivery for products with a limited shelf life.

Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution

NOVELCO arranges the following works:

  • Acceptance of cargo with quantity and quality control;

  • Storage according to the manufacturer’s requirements;

  • Sorting of goods into batches, making sets, and co-packing:

  • Marking and labeling, including each item of goods;

  • Packing in special containers: various branded cases, boxes, tubes, bags, etc.;