Electronics and Technology

The life cycle of modern electronics, telecommunications, and know-how products is very short. Innovation companies offer new products to consumers before the devices we are using become obsolete. In this competition, winners are those who offer the most recent solutions at the most favorable prices.
Given the factor of globalization and universal presence, companies engaged in the field of high technology are interested in efficiently solving logistics problems, as the new products propagation rate directly depends on the freight traffic dynamics along international and transcontinental routes.
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NOVELCO is always one step ahead of the state-of-the-art technological developments; therefore, we offer our Customers information about the latest solutions in electronics and technology and the best conditions for the delivery of new products to the assigned destination.
Our advantages in supply of electronics and high-tech products:
Individual approach taking into account the product complexity and possible uncertainty in the requirements for products first launched in the market;
Our Customer does not divert resources to non-core processes related to freight forwarding and foreign economic activity;
All cooperation stages are agreed upon when entering into the agreement;
Delivery is controlled by a personal manager assigned to the Customer;
NOVELCO assumes the full responsibility by delivering products on its own behalf.
Advantages of our logistic solutions for delivery of electronics and high-tech products:
Customized Approach
Despite the high harmonization in the electronics industry, many solutions are unique and require additional attention to nuances in transportation of products and equipment containing electronic control units. For an objective risk assessment, we invite industry experts able to advise on packaging and shipping conditions to ensure the cargo integrity and safe delivery.
Optimal Terms
When calculating the cargo delivery time, along with the scheduled time required for transportation and transshipment, we take into account any objective reasons that cay delay the delivery; therefore, our customer always knows that the contract provides for the optimal delivery time.
Reduced Logistics Costs
Transportation costs are an important component in the product cost. Realizing this fact, our Company develops a delivery route and selects means of transport so that to minimize the logistics costs, taking into account the requirements for the transportation of electronic components and process equipment.