Fashion Industry and Retail

The market of clothing, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods is one of the most competitive businesses. Wholesale companies and retailers work hard to reduce their costs in order to offer their clients the most favorable commercial terms. The retail business features a fast cash flow; therefore, it is important for the goods to be always available in the required amount in the right place and at the right time. These tasks cannot be solved without well-organized logistics.
We offer our partners in Russia unique opportunities to supply fashion and consumer goods under the terms of delivery to a regional warehouse with further local distribution. Owners of retail stores and trade networks do not need to register as subjects of foreign economic activity and to carry out wholesale purchases, diverting their funds and resources to non-core activities. All they need is to visit our office and negotiate mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.
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NOVELCO offers our Customers a set of the most profitable logistic solutions in supply of fashion industry products and consumer goods. We have been gaining experience in this niche for a long time, to become the best in solving such issues. We have consistently established cooperation with companies operating in light industry and consumer goods in the regions leading in manufacture of these product groups: Southeast Asia and China. We can provide a one-time delivery or arrange a constant delivery of goods in daily demand among a wide range of consumers. Our logistic solutions allow us to fulfill the contract as soon as possible, while ensuring the safety and economic feasibility of transport services.
We offer the following services for retailers and companies engaged in sales of industrial consumer goods:
Well-proven routes and terms of delivery of consumer goods from Southeast Asia and China;
Purchase and delivery of products on our behalf with subsequent transfer to the Customer in the Russian Federation;
Import of products on temporary terms for participation in exhibitions and shows under a simplified procedure;
A full range of warehouse logistic services, both in Russia and abroad;
Logistics of return deliveries and warranty replacement;
Obtaining all necessary documents, including customs instruments under Carnet ATA;
Advantages of our logistic solutions for delivery of clothing, footwear, and accessories:
Customized Approach
A distinctive feature of consumer goods logistics, which includes clothes and fashion accessories, is the need to constantly maintain a choice of sought-for products; therefore, the delivery of this category of cargo shall be rhythmic and stable. Given the Russian distances and local customers’ remoteness, we offer an individual solution for each customer to provide the most complete set of services.
Optimal Terms
Fashion changes very quickly. Due to our extensive experience in delivering goods over long distances, we take into account all factors that affect the transportation time, including security, given that, if the goods is damaged or lost, it cannot be restored even with insurance payments, and in case of fashion clothes, this would be an irreparable loss. Therefore, we guarantee delivery at the optimal time.
Reduced Logistics Costs
And this despite the fact that the product shall often be transported from the manufacturer’s factory to a retail store. We set the minimum cost of services so that the Customer contacts us again. We value reliable partnerships.