Oversized Equipment

Large-sized machinery used in construction and agriculture have its own specifics that require compliance with several requirements when arranging its transportation. Such machines are not designed for self-propelled entry to a railway platform or a ship deck; they are heavy, very expensive, and cannot be transported in parts. Delivery of large-sized equipment entails significant losses in case of its damage or loss, and such losses are estimated not only as the cost of the product itself, but also losses from failure to perform the work that should have been done using this machine.
We are ready to offer our Customers the safe delivery of large-sized equipment across Russia and abroad, as well as to arrange the transportation of a batch of machines for sales or procurement. Depending on the range and number of equipment units, we provide for its loading, unloading, and transportation, regardless of the complexity of the route. For oversized machines, we will use special vehicles and obtain permission from competent authorities. The equipment will be delivered to its destination in strict accordance with the contract terms.
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NOVELCO will perform a set of work for transportation of large-sized equipment, delivering it to the destination right on time, under favorable terms for the Customer. We have all the necessary facilities for safe and timely shipping of construction and agricultural machines.
Providing logistic services for transportation of large-sized equipment, we offer:
Individual approach, depending on the transported equipment type and route;
Resolving all issues arising during transportation;
Customs clearance, including the case of importing equipment for a certain period to participate in exhibitions or to perform temporary work, under the Carnet ATA;
Minimized risks due to equipment insurance;
Delivery of large-sized equipment, both as single items and in a batch;
Delivery of construction equipment for construction of infrastructure facilities in hard-to-reach Far North and Far East areas.
Advantages of our logistic solutions for delivery of large-sized equipment.
Customized Approach
Given the strict requirements for the transportation of large-sized equipment, we comprehensively consider each operation, taking into account all the nuances of the route and the Customer’s requirements. As a result, our commitments will be definitely fulfilled.
Optimal Terms
Time for transportation of large-sized equipment is often allocated when the roads are least loaded. Therefore, when calculating the delivery time, we take into account not only the route and the vehicles used, but the requirements of the authorities regulating the traffic in order to respect the equipment delivery time to the site.
Reduced Logistics Costs
The transportation of special equipment is associated with the costs for expert examinations and obtaining permits when reviewing documents by the authorities that control road traffic. Considering this factor, we form a set the price for our services, focusing on the economic feasibility for the Customer. NOVELCO cares about your interests.