Industrial Production

Industrial equipment is most often purchased to revamp the production facilities, to launch new process lines, to expand the range and volume of products. So, it can be difficult for businesses to take into account all the requirements for the equipment transportation, especially if the route passes through several countries with different legal requirements for transit.
Our specialists have sufficient expertise and experience to arrange the transportation of any equipment, regardless of the countries of origin, destination, and transit. At the pre-contractual stage, our experienced lawyers will consider the legal aspects of the delivery, whereas our agents will solve all problems arising along the route. If the equipment includes oversized products, we will provide for their transportation by special transports and ensure the compliance with all requirements for the transportation of oversized cargo.
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NOVELCO offers moneymaking logistic solutions to suppliers and buyers of industrial equipment. B2B transportation of goods involves meeting many international and national standards. NOVELCO will deliver industrial equipment to its destination, regardless of the cargo content, weight, and size. We offer both standard logistic solutions and individual cooperation terms, taking into account the Customer’s interests as a priority.
We offer favorable cooperation terms for supply of industrial equipment:
Ample opportunities to involve various transport modes for shipping;
Building up supply chains to minimize the Customer’s logistics costs;
Customs clearance, including temporary import of professional equipment, samples for exhibitions under the Carnet ATA;
Subsequent delivery of spare parts for purchased or supplied industrial equipment;
Supply of equipment on our behalf;
Transportation to remote, hard-to-reach Far North and Far East areas.
Advantages of our logistic solutions for delivery of industrial equipment
Customized Approach
In each case, transportation of industrial equipment requires an individual consideration of its specifics when choosing means of transport, the route, and transportation terms. Therefore, the principle of individual approach adopted by NOVELCO guarantees you the fulfillment of all contractual commitments.
Optimal Terms
Our many years of experience in uninterrupted supplies to regular customers and the constant quality control allows us in 99% of cases to recommend our customer the most optimal transportation mode.
Reduced Logistics Costs
Reducing logistics costs based on our highly professional approach. NOVELCO provides regular training for its employees to improve their competence.