International Air Freight Services

In modern world, time plays a decisive role. Aviation is indispensable in express transport services. If you need to quickly deliver cargo to another continent, a plane is your only choice.

We cooperate both with global international airlines having their own fleet of modern long-haul liners, and with regional air carriers that deliver passengers and cargo to hard-to-reach areas by helicopters.

Delivery by Aircraft to Anywhere in the World

Due to a well-developed agent and partner network, our Customers can at any time get information about their cargo location and a forecast of its timely delivery.

We can also arrange regular international air freight services at any scale, by dividing the consignment into batches and choosing the most favorable division scheme and route for the Customer. In this case, we will offer delivery of goods by related modes of transport, if it is economically feasible.

Caring for the benefit, safety, and reputation of our Customers is a guarantee of maintaining long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

International Air Freight Services
International Air Freight Services
International Air Freight Services

Many years of experience in air transport services and our partnerships with major airlines help us provide the delivery of any category of oversized cargo, subject to the optimal timing, route, and price.

Our partners are the world’s largest air carriers. Our network covers over 20 consolidation points in various countries of Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania. This allows us to show maximum flexibility in providing international air freight services of goods, including dangerous, large-sized, and heavy cargoes.

We guarantee to choose the most profitable and fastest route for you.