ATA Carnet

Carnet ATA-Simplified customs clearance procedure
Sometimes the time of using the equipment or tools in the customs territory may be less than the customs clearance of the border crossing. You need to buy: products for participation in the exhibition, equipment and tools for performing contract work, musical instruments and concert equipment for touring activities, etc. - you can do this simply by registering Carnet ATA (Carnet-ATA)

ATA Carnet

NOVELCO knows how to prepare and issue documents for obtaining a Carnet-ATA permit
In parallel, we will ensure timely delivery of the cargo to any point of unloading on the territory of Russia. We will select the optimal transportation route and vehicles, solve bureaucratic and organizational issues related to transportation, loading and unloading, storage and documentary support of transit.

We will help you to insure the cargo from trusted insurers specializing in covering losses from damage or loss of your equipment or tools. A partnership with the companies for the confirmation of compliance, will allow you to quickly conduct an examination, if necessary.

ATA Carnet

Using the simplified customs clearance procedure of Carnet ATA, you get undeniable advantages:

  • the ability to repeatedly move cargo across the borders of the countries participating in the system within one year;
  • reduce the processing time for an export-import application to 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 3 hours;
  • you will not pay customs fees and periodic customs payments;
  • there is no need to submit periodic reports to the customs authorities at the location of temporarily exported / imported goods;
  • you will not apply for non-tariff regulation documents.

Carnet-ATA – the best solution for temporarily imported goods!