International road haulage

The most efficient way to deliver goods is by road. Road transport is particularly relevant on routes connecting ports with recipients on the mainland, when cargo is transported in containers or reloaded in batches adapted to the tonnage or volume of a car trailer. Also, road transport is considered as one of the components of the transport chain that connects airports, railway stations, seaports in international transit.

Road transport - a universal means of cargo transportation

NOVELCO will provide a range of works related to road transport around the world thanks to reliable partnerships:

  • With vehicle owners;
  • Storage warehouses;
  • Port terminals;
  • Railway hubs;
  • Airport infrastructure.

International road haulage
International road haulage
International road haulage

On all continents, NOVELCO customers receive an exceptionally high-quality and reliable service

Our partners are participants in the global road transport system, in which deviations in the technical condition of vehicles are unacceptable, so our services are impeccable, no matter what strict requirements for cars are imposed in the country through which the route passes.
Our employees will prepare the documents for the cargo and the vehicle in full compliance with the requirements of international legislation.